Emma Lawson

Emma Lawson

Librarian/writer/giant nerd

I write about comics, mostly. Contact me at emmalawson@gmail.com

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4 desk set outfits 260x138 article
The Billfold

Grad School, Two Ways

I had no idea what I wanted to do after finishing my undergraduate education, which I spent studying linguistics for four years. This was obviously not going to get me a practical job....

The Billfold

The Cost Of A Constructive Hobby: Knitting My Own Sweaters - The Billfold

The Cost Of A Constructive Hobby: Knitting My Own S...

Seward alaska 260x195 article
The Billfold

Boondocking In Alaska

We negotiated a price of $400 + tax per week for a camper van, and started researching boondocking, also known as “sleeping in your car.”...

Screen shot 2015 07 20 at 6.40.25 pm 260x109 article
The Billfold

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride (On Purpose)

When I was a kid, I would say that I never planned on getting married. My mother would laugh and tell me that I would change my mind, but now, after 30 years, I think she finally believes me....

Aflac yoga 2014 260x203 article
The Billfold

The Cost Of Things: Tampons In The English-Speaking World

Assuming 40 years of menstruation, this means the Canadian government has been taxing the average woman $292.80 in their lifetime to have a vagina....